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Why Elite Law Firms are Circling This Little Start-Up

In an effort to help its millennial lawyers develop their role in the community, Davis Polk & Wardwell is purchasing a membership with a start-up that connects junior lawyers with nonprofits seeking associate board members.

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Young Professionals want to make a difference and make money at the same time REQUEST A CORPORATE DEMO

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CariClub connects you to Associate Boards

Our platform connects talented young professionals with nonprofit associate boards

make an impact Make an impact

Your unique experience and skill set can help an organization in many ways, from fundraising to strategic planning.

make an impact Develop new skills

You'll choose which committee and activities to commit to, so you can develop new skills and talents to help yourself and others.

make an impact Expand your network

You'll have the opportunity to meet passionate, interesting people, including new mentors and colleagues.

make an impact Gain new perspective

Being on a board helps you form meaningful bonds with people from diverse backgrounds, including the board, staff and donor communities.

Why join an associate board?

You've got a lot to give- your talent, time and resources can all make a difference at the right organization. Associate board members help to advocate and raise funds for a nonprofit. As ambassadors for an organization's mission, they lead a community of enthusiastic volunteers and help build the next generation of nonprofit leaders.

What do associate board members do?

The Associate Board is a group of dedicated young professionals who are committed to making a positive impact through philanthropic initiatives and volunteer service.

make an impact
Organize Events

Members organize events, network, connect with mentors and develop new skills

make an impact
Attend Meetings

Associate Boards meet four times each year with options to attend meetings remotely

make an impact

Annual fundraising goals range from $250 to $2,500 depending on the organization

CariClub introduced exceptional young leaders to College Summit, one of whom connected us with corporate funding we would not have received otherwise. We would certainly recommend CariClub for any organization looking to do the same.

Craig Shelley, Executive Director | College Summit
College Summit

Cariclub helped me to secure a leadership role with a nonprofit that I adore - Jumpstart. I strongly believe that applying via Cariclub gave me extra credibility during the board application process by demonstrating that I’m committed to a social cause.

Natalie | Citigroup

I am more than thrilled that KKR and CariClub have developed such a strong partnership, and that we as employees have such an incredible opportunity to take advantage of your vast network of organizations.

Jonathan Levy | KKR