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Community Inclusion Fund
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Community Inclusion Fund
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The Community Inclusion Fund’s mission is to support underserved communities across the United States that have been overwhelmingly burdened by the COVID-19 pandemic due to higher poverty levels and unequal access to quality education, nutrition, and healthcare in their neighborhoods. The fund will have a special focus on underserved communities with a high concentration of essential workers.
The Community Inclusion Fund will address the following disparities
Lower-income communities faced disproportionate challenges due to lack of technology, poor high-speed internet availability, and deficient academic resources
Accessing healthy food is a challenge for many Americans—particularly those living in low-income neighborhoods, communities of color, and rural areas.
The persistent economic inequality makes low-income communities more susceptible to economic hardship during hard times, including the current outbreak.
Communities of color will likely face increased challenges accessing COVID-19-related testing and treatment services